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Wildlife Viewing Tours

Ron offers customized wildlife viewing tours.  The amount of advanced notice required depends on species and the permitting necessary (if applicable). Opportunities include but are not limited to:

#  Elk Deer (Both Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer)

#  Red Fox - Denning

#  Swift Fox - Denning

#  Nesting Raptor - Dependant on the ability to photograph the nest without disturbing the nesting process

#  Grouse - Sage, Sharptail, and Dusky Grouse are common

#  Big Horn Sheep

#  Prairie Songbirds

#  Shore bird species

Speaking Engagements

Ron has spoken for multiple photography groups, church groups, schools, and wildlife groups. He can customize his presentation to meet the needs and expectations of the audience and appreciates the opportunity to have the audience participate in each event.


Ron offers a wide array of workshop opportunities including action/sports photography, wildlife photography, behavioral documentation, creating the shot, and the art of concealment. The number of participants is always kept to a minimum to ensure that each participant comes away more knowledgeable that when they arrived. Please see Ron's Calendar for a list of upcoming events, and the testimonial page to see feedback from past participants.

Please contact Ron at ron.wwimages@gmail.com for pricing. Most workshops will take place on private lands and access fees will be included in the pricing. No wildlife workshop or tour comes with any guarantee of photographing wildlife. Please understand that respect for wildlife is first and foremost, animals will not be pushed or stressed just to produce a photograph, any and all efforts will be made prior to your arrival to ensure that you leave with images of a lifetime. These are wild animals and as such can be unpredictable.

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