Ron Hayes is a 4th generation Wyoming Native. His outdoor roots in his native state run deep as his Great Grandparents began living off the land shortly after Wyoming became a state in 1890, and that tradition continues with he and his children still today.

Ron received a B.S. in Biology from the University of Sioux Falls in 1993 and immediately began to pursue a career with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. This is where his love of, and passion for, wildlife photography took root. Ron moved on from the department but continued to explore his new found passion for sharing the natural world with those who would look and listen. In 2008, Ron had a fortuitous meeting with John Timmis, a professional nature photographer from New York State. Ron was able to mentor under Timmis for the next five years, as his skills improved the mentoring relationship transitioned into a friendship. For the past five years, Ron has pursued photography on a semi professional level. He submits his work to periodicals, provides stock images, and leads photography workshops and tours in his home state.

Ron has won multiple awards for his work including being the first ever "Featured Artist" in Wyoming's "Wild West Photo Fest"; an event that takes place each fall in Casper, Wyoming, and which Ron won for the previous three years. Ron was featured on the TV Series "Wild Photo Adventures" where he was blessed with the opportunity to Co-Host the show with TV Personality, professional photographer, and videographer Doug Gardner. If you ask him though, he will tell you without hesitation that the most rewarding days in wildlife photography are the ones when your subjects, not your peers, accept you into their lives and allow you to share their behaviors with a world that may not know that they exist, and most of all, when he gets to share those days with his family.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope that you enjoy Ron's work as much as he enjoys bringing it to you.

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